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Of Mice And Men Lennie Analysis

            Lennie Small, from John Steinbacks Of Mice and Men, is the least dynamic character, but also the star of this short but impacting novel. John Steinbacks conception of this novel is centered on Lennie's simplicity. Throughout the entire book, Lennie's personality and life seem based on three things: soft things, devotion to his protector (George) and his dream of one day owning a farm. Within the novel, Lennie shows no significant changes, development, or growth; yet is a favorite character by most readers.
             To start with, Lennie is protected. Lennie is protected by Slim, but mostly by George. Slim keeps Lennie from getting fired when Curley got his hand "caught in a machine" (64). Lennie is also protected by George; as friends they stick together, "I got you. We got each other" (104) and as friends they contribute all they can. George protects Lennie from many things; but is most remembered for protecting Lennie from being killed painfully by Curley. Candy's regret that he didn't kill his dog himself, foreshadows George's decision to shoot Lennie before Curley gets to him first. .
             Also, Lennie is devoted. Devoted to the rabbits, and devoted to George. The rabbits are an important part of the novel. The rabbits are Georges way of keeping Lennie from getting into any trouble. George often reminds Lennie that he " aint gonna get in no trouble, because if you do, I wont let you tend the rabbits" (16). Lennie's devotion to George is very strong; he does everything George tells him to do, simply because George is his friend.
             In Conclusion, Lennie is a dreamer. He someday dreams of having " a little house an" a room to our self We"d know what came of our planting An it"d be our own, an" nobody could can us" (58). The fact that two men during this time period with a dream like that that comes so close to coming true makes them so different from other men. Lennie shows enthusiasm for his dream, spreading it contagiously to the other men in the book.

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