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Of Mice and Men

             For my theme paper, I chose option C, which required reading another book by one of the authors that we have already read a novel by in order to provide an analysis of the book and the author. I decided to read Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck because I enjoyed reading The Pearl for class. Just like The Pearl, this book also made me feel as if I was right there along with the characters. In this paper I want to discuss the relationship that is established between George and Lenny. From doing some research on this novel, I found out that Steinbeck's inspiration for this book actually came from a poem by Robert Burns, titled To A Mouse, On Turning Her Up In Her Nest With The Plough. The poem is about the plans of mice and men going wrong. .
             The novel is set during the Great Depression and tells the story of migrant workers, who all have their own hopes and dreams. The story focuses mainly on five characters; George, Lenny, Candy, Crooks, and Curley's wife. Throughout my reading of their travels, I was able to meet each of the other characters that George and Lenny came into contact with, who are also lonely.
             The first chapter did a tremendous job in establishing the relationship between George and Lenny. I came to the understanding that George had basically become a parent to Lenny, whose Aunt had recently passed away. Lenny's actions are child-.
             like, and often times they caused the two men to get into trouble. George and Lenny spend their time traveling from farm to farm, working and saving their income, because they want to purchase their own farm. .
             The differences between George and Lenny are quite drastic, in my opinion. Although he is not particularly strong, George is smart and he is a hard worker. The difference between him and the rest of the workers is that he has someone to call a friend. Lennie is the opposite of George in every imaginable way. He is much taller and better built than George, and consequently an amazing worker.

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