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of mice and men

             In Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men, the ethical standard has been set by Slim through the author's implications in which he reveals Slim is the ethical equivalent to God. .
             Slim has been set on a pedestal by Steinbeck. His appearance and voice make him seem above everyone else. When Slim first enters the story line he is described as moving,with a majesty only achieved by royalty.? Slim is obviously regarded as a magnificent character who makes impressive entrances. Hisquiet and receptive? manner allows him to listen to others while retaining his royal standings in the eyes of thebindle-stiffs?. George is able to confide in Slim in just a few short minutes because of hiscalm, Gold-like eyes.? George too became influenced by Slim and was enticed to converse with him about Lennie and his past together. He confesses to Slim how he used Lennie and played mean tricks on him, but they weren't fun because Lennie dismissed them or forgot about what George had done to him. Characters in this book looked up to Slim as he resembled a God with his majesty.
             Slim is the vision of an ethical soul and consequently, others base their choices on what he might do if he was put into the same situation. Slim is also described as having agravity in his manner and a quiet so profound that all talk stopped when he spoke.? Slim has the most influential role over putting down Candy's dog. Since he thinks it is alright, it is accepted and gone through with. While Carlson tries to persuade Candy to shoot his old dog, Slim has the influence to halt the entire discussion. Alas, Slim stays quiet. The author goes on to describe Slim having anauthority so great that his word was taken on any subject, be it politics or love.? Everything the men working on the farm do is directly related to how Slim talks about it or how they assume he would handle it. In the last few paragraphs in Of Mice and Men, Slim makes everything okay and puts George's mind at ease.

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