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Of Mice and Men

            The finest and most well renowned authors in our country's history are those that put their heart, and soul into their literary works. Writing a first-class novel takes years of tedious work, and tireless effort. It is necessary in composing a novel, that the author has much experience, and knowledge of subject at hand. John Steinbeck, one of the most celebrated authors in our history, used his experiences in life after World War I, to bring life, and realness to his legendary characters Lenny and George. John Steinbeck relates his personal experiences during the Great Depression to bring life to the characters in his novel, Of Mice and Men. .
             The Great Depression was one of the most heartbreaking times in our nation's history. John Steinbeck's novel, Of Mice and Men, takes place during an era in the Depression known as the Dust Bowl. The Dust Bowl affected farmers all over the United States because it was caused by many defective agricultural procedures, such as poor treatment of the soil, and years of continuous drought. The Dust Bowl forced farmers everywhere to give up their land, and work as tenant farmers for anyone that would hire them. "With no chance of making a living, farm families abandoned their homes and land, fleeing westward to become migrant laborers." (The Dust Bowl).
             Migrant workers were a prevalent source of labor in the United States during the Dust Bowl because it was mandatory for most farmers to leave their land to find a better means of income to support their families. "Between 1925 and 1929, nearly every agricultural commodity traded in the world markets fell in price. As a Result, farmers by the millions suffered heavy losses." (Garraty 52) John Steinbeck associated hardworking people as his most significant characters in many of his literary works because he was familiar with their work ethics, and ways of life. Steinbeck, surviving The Great Depression himself, experienced firsthand the many trials and tribulations this merciless age had to offer.

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