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Of Mice And Men

             " The best laid plans of mice and men usually go astray." this poem refers to the conditions under which George and lennie live. The book Of mice and men are about to Protagonists ( George Milton, Lennie Small.) that get their dreams become deferred. Cause of a miss understanding that a flirtatious woman cause George, Lennie and candy their dream " to live off the fat of the land.".
             A Friendship between lennie Small and George Milton was like any other friendship George always put lennie before him self. As told in Dave Thomas Story " What Makes for Success." George did every thing that Dave Thomas preaches in he's story. George was caring and understanding and put lennie before himself. .
             " We have a dream. Someday we"ll have a little house and a couple of acre. A place to call home. " George would always tell Lennie about how if he was a good fellow he get to tend to the rabbits. When Lennie and George went to their new job ( a other ranch). George said to their new boss "Oh! I ain't saying he's bright. He ain't. but I say he's a God damn good worker." .
             Naturalism between this two characters in the book of mice and men. Lennie is limited cause of he's heredity, and circumstances of he mental disability. For that it cost of their " American Dream." When Lennie said to George " I don't like this place I don't like this place at all. " George and Lennie have a dream. " Someday ---- we"re gonna get the jack together and we"re gonna have a little house and a couple of acres an" a cow and some pigs." Being lowly ranch hands, they dream of a better life, where they don't work for anyone but themselves. George, the much smarter one of the two, is quite optimistic about it. It seems that he already talked with someone about buying his or her. Lennie , the mentally retarded brute, is childly amused of the dream. He loves soft things, and touching them; and when George tells of the rabbits they will have on the farm,.

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