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mice of men

             The book Of Mice and Men does a great job at showing how the United States is a country of many hues. The book shows peoples different abilities, personalities, race, religion and along with how different characters view things.
             The book shows all kinds of hues within the characters abilities. For example, Candy says "Curles like a lot of little guys. He hates big guys." (26) The characters abilities, size and strength creates problems. Some of these hues create problems, In addition, Candy says "He's all the time picking scraps with big guys. Kind of like he's mad at "em because he ain't a big guy." (26) The different hues in the book create a lot of problems within the characters. The different hues in this book portray a majority of the U.S.A. This book shows how America has been built on these different hues.
             In the book Of Mice and Men, there are moments when there are comments about race. For example, when every body leaves for town, Lennie (white), Candy (white) and Crooks (black) are left behind, so Lennie ask if he can sit in Crook's place. (71) Lennie did not care that Crooks was black. He did not even think of the color of their skin. In addition, when Candy says "we let the nigger in that night." Back during The Depression, black people were looked down on. It was rare that they ever slept in he same room or even go in the same room with each other. In this book the hues of race are shown correctly.
             The book Of Mice and Men portrays America's hues correctly during the depression era. This book does a very good job at displaying what it would have been like.

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