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Orsi Vs. Budapest

             I think that there are similarities in the way in which Orsi and Z Budapest look at the religious beliefs of women and how this intertwines with their daily lives. I find that this is an intriguing idea and would like to compare and contrast Orsi's ideas with those of Z Budapest. I think that both Orsi and Budapest have similarities in the fact that both address what women are looking for in a religion, what they want, need and hope for. However their ideas on what this may be differ. Because although both ideas are symbolic and give women a sense of control, one sees women as those who make sacrifices and one sees them as the dominant group who, actually may make sacrifices, but they are sacrifices of a different sort.
             Z Budapest founded Dianic Wicca for women as the religion for some feminists. This division of Wicca is only for women and has a sacred story that empowers women. Basically the whole religion empowers women, giving them a special symbolic connection with the divine just for being female and the ability to manipulate things by doing magic, thus placing them (not men) in control of things. I think women at that time, in the past and in fact at all times now and throughout history would like to be more in control of things and have more power to shape their own destinies. Similarly, Orsi's ideas about the cult of St. Jude allows women to feel a special connection with a St. and in some way allows them (not men) a little control of things because if they just pray to St. Jude (Hope of the hopeless) their prayers will be answered. St. Jude doesn't seem to place any stipulation on what kinds of prayers will be answered so interestingly enough this parallels magic.
             The fact that many of St. Jude's devotees and many of the goddess's devotees worship at an alter and have religious tokens is interesting. It seems that worshipping at an alter whether it be Catholic or Wicca brings with it a sort of connection to the divine and being able to carry around pictures of St.

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