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Mephedrone: Drugs and Crime

             This article review will provide an understanding of two articles, of the use of a drug called "mephedrone", either legally or illegally. The one article is by Brennan., R and Van Hout.,C.M (2012) in Ireland, and the second article is by Lisznyai., S. Csak., R and Racz., J (2014) in Hungury. Both articles analyze the implication influences and effects of the drug, however considering the circumstances, environment and methodology of each article, there are some differences between them. According to Brennan., and Van Hout, "Mephedrone (4-methylmethcathinone) is a synthetic 'amphetamine-type stimulant' (ATS) derived from the Khat plant and collectively known as 'M-cats'"(P.156).
             First Article.
             This first article aim of the research is: "to present a post-legislative snapshot of mephedrone use, as follow up to an earlier published study on pre-legislative mephedrone use in the Republic of Ireland (ROI) in order to investigate (any) incurred displacement patterns within an Irish regional context. According to the authors the the methodology was based "a qualitative study of mephedrone in Ireland. The sample was based upon 22 in- depth interviews, approximately 45 minutes each, examing the micro and macro- levels of e use and influence of the drug. Each interview was audio taped and anonymous. "Participants were encouraged to explore their feelings, ideas and experiences". In addition, the main concern of the article is that: "the synthetic drug market remains of concern given the recent evidence for 'blended' club drugs using mephedrone, and with the need of continued monitoring on the impact of legislation drug consumptive patterns and outcomes". The key research findings were based upon 'post-legislative mephedrone choices', post-legislative mephedrone experiences and settings' and the 'perception of post-legislative mephedrone risk and legality'.

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