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Marketing Plan

             Puppy Playland is a sole proprietor dog daycare. It is located in a central location, close to I-205 and SR-500. Operating hours will be from 7am - 7pm daily and overnight care will also be provided when owners go on vacation or away on overnight meetings, offering a safe environment for dogs to play instead of being locked up at home. .
             Environmental Analysis.
             The closest competitor is located on the corner of Andreson and 4th Plain., which is approximately 3 miles away. Its strength is that it has been there a while and has established itself. Its weakness is that it's a small facility with mostly an outside area to play. The major competitors in the future will be more dog daycares or dog sitters.
             The strength of my company is that there is not that many dog daycares in the Vancouver area. The ones that are around do not offer training and grooming at no additional charge. Puppy Playland is easily accessible and close by a number of apartment complexes that take dogs.
             The weakness of my company is that I've never owned one before and I"m introducing a relatively new service into the area.
             With the way the economy is going, people are finding themselves having to move from houses to apartments, meaning their dogs may be locked up with no exercise all day long. People are also having to work longer hours. With Puppy Playland, they will be able to drop their dogs off to play all day long with other dogs, and then they will be nice and tired when their owners come to pick them up.

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