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             It is by this principle that our society has functioned. If a person, a human life was merely worth a monetary value why would we sentence and punish those who have taken away such life. Excluding recent events resulting from the 9-11 tragedy the country has never fathomed the thought of being compensated from the death of their loved ones. Because of this it is safe to assume that we can not assign a definite "value" to any human being. In today's society, money is not the only value that we can associate with human life, instead organ donation has risen on the priority list. Is it fair to judge who is worth saving and who should be allowed to slip away Organ donation saves many lives and, there should be no restrictions to anyone, whether they be alcoholics, doctors, obese, smokers, inmates etc Alcoholism for example is a disease and therefore the alcoholic loses control. Knowing this, should a person acquire cirrhosis of the liver through the consumption of alcohol, he or she should have just as much priority to an organ as a person who is in need of organs for other health reasons. It should also hold true when a patient needs a coronary bypass because he or she disregarded their physician's advice about tobacco, diet and the importance of exercise. Although a bypass is not an organ donation it proves the point that in no surgery should unfair priorities be placed or judgments made on the patient.
             One cannot be placed first on a donor list simply because he or she is a doctor or is considered to be part of a higher social circle. Just the same , the organ priority level. should be equal ,whether the patient is an inmate serving a life sentence or of a nun who has lived in a convent her whole life. When a person should die a doctor looks for their identification to see if they wanted to be organ donors. After death the persons's past experiences do not matter when discussing the donations of their organs.

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