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Orgon And Tartuffe

             The characters of Tartuffe all play an integral part in the role of the play, but for a character to be considered the hero, they must rise above a personal flaw or circumstance to be victorious in the end. In the case of Tartuffe, we must then recognize Orgon as the principle hero, and Tartuffe as the antagonist.
             Orgon is the main character that is affected and hurt by Tartuffe. He is a very complex and human character that has the faults and strengths of a normal human being. His weaknesses and his faults are what make him fall victim to the religious hypocrisy of Tartuffe. Orgon's basic character seems to be extravagant and uncontrolled in all respects, as was noted by his brother-in-law, Cleante. This lack of control and basis in common sense allows Tartuffe to take advantage of his severe religious leanings, and worm his way into his household under the hypocritical guise of a highly religious man. Orgon, himself an absurdly religious man, falls for the bait hook, line and sinker, unaware that Tartuffe only desires money. Orgon is so far under the spell of Tartuffe, that he doesn't listen to members of his family that warn him of Tartuffe's hypocrisy, and he even goes as far to sign the deed of his estate over to the charlatan. He reveres Tartuffe so much that he wishes his daughter to wed him, even though she is in love with another man. Tartuffe however, has designs on Orgon's wife, and attempts to seduce her. Tartuffe's son is witness to the first attempted affair, and warns Orgon about the usurper, only to have Orgon take Tartuffe's word over his son's. Eventually, Orgon catches Tartuffe.
             in the act of seducing his wife, and thanks to a somewhat contrived ending, his fortune and family is saved. .
             Orgon can be considered the hero for three reasons: first of all, he is the central character. Secondly, he is the character faced with the biggest problem: he has an usurper in his house.

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