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Paintings Of George Washington Vs. King George III

            Throughout history, two prominent figures by the .
             name of George stand out: A pioneer of democracy and .
             the first president of the United States, George .
             Washington and the king of England, George the III. .
             During their climax, a picture was painted of each. .
             These paintings feature different backgrounds, attire, .
             and showcase symbolism.
             Both paintings have similar backgrounds. There .
             are huge columns in both, these suggest that they were .
             in large buildings. Red drapes hang from the ceilings .
             also, showing wealth. Both George the III and George .
             Washington are standing on elaborate oriental rugs. .
             These rugs were only owned by very wealthy people .
             and were well made.
             While the paintings" backgrounds are very similar, .
             the clothing is not. King George the III is showing off .
             exquisite gold color clothes and a white-spotted robe. .
             He bears a large gold chain on his neck which represent .
             his high ranking position. Washington sports a plain .
             black suit that is not flashy like George the III. He .
             holds a sword in one hand.
             There is much symbolism in both paintings.
             The way George the III stands with his elbow poked .
             out is supercilious and shows that he is superior to .
             everyone. His stance is elevated and high. George .
             Washington stance is level, and he extends his hand as .
             a welcome. Neither George Washington nor King .
             George the III look directly ahead, instead their focus .
             appears to be slightly to the left. In King George's .
             painting all the attention is diverted to him because of .
             his clothes" bright colors and the dim background. .
             Washington's painting is the exact opposite with him .
             being dark the background being bright. This scene .
             diverted the attention to the background, and out the .
             open window. The blue sky symbolizes the new land, .
             America, and it's opportunity. There is a rainbow .
             outside the window, this shows the diversity of America.
             The paintings of King George the III and George .
             Washington were very much the same.

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