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Nike Gear

             Nike is probably one of the largest sneaker companies in the world. They have created products for many sports such as Basketball, Golf, Soccer, and Running. In the last five years Nike created another category called Nike hockey. Nike started off producing only ice skates and aluminum sticks. But just recently they have added helmets, shoulder pads, gloves, and shin guards. Nike "the multimillionaire dollar company" by adding theses goods can become one of the best sellers in hockey equipment. The market for hockey equipment is known as oligopoly. There are probably only three companies competing as of now (Koho, Bauer, and CCM). Adding Nike to this market with their financial background makes them a serious threat for the remaining companies in this scarce market. .
             Nike target market is the young hockey player. Kids playing amateur hockey that needing new equipment might try out Nike because of their name. Advertising this product during the National Hockey games will make the Nike product more known to kids playing hockey. Nike secondary target market can be people who enjoy rollerblading. Nike makes rollerblades for roller hockey, but they can be used for just strictly rollerblading. This product probably will be advertised in every city that is home to a National Hockey League team. Nike equipment will also be advertised threw out the cooler part of the world where Hockey is popular. .
             Nike image is the curved swoosh. The image of the Nike swoosh on different hockey gear makes the equipment appetizing for younger kids. Nike Hockey Equipment will be relatively the same price as the other top brands. Since Nike is popular around the world, I don't think they need to start off with lower prices. Two of the Nike Hockey products are unique. The Nike stick is composed of light weight material that makes the stick the lightest stick being used in the National Hockey League.

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