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Ben Franklin

            Benjamin Franklin was one of the most inspiring men in American History. He was devoted to his education and his work and all of the many inventions he made. He applied himself to everything he did ever since his early life. Ben worked and studied many subjects and even wrote articles for a newspaper he delivered, only at age fifteen. He had many major achievements and even when his life was ending he was still an influential man. His life inspired many historians of today. He accomplished some of the most remarkable things and he was favored for that. His life made our life a little bit easier, and as we take a look at Benjamin Franklin's life, I hope you notice that. .
             Benjamin Franklin was born on January, 17,1706, in Boston. He was one of seventeen children, himself being the 10th boy born. His father, Josiah Franklin, was a chandler and Abiah Folger his mother, was a homemaker. Ben only had two years of schooling. From the ages eight to ten he wet to grammar school. After he left grammar school he went to work for his father at his business. When he left, he became a cutler, and soon after at age twelve he went to work for his half-brother James. While working with James he learned the printing trade and spent most of spare time trying to advance his education. Ben studied subjects such as Arithmetic, Navigation, and Grammar. He read many books that pushed him to master their prose style, and he became an expert essayist. When he was fifteen he delivered newspapers for his brother James's newspaper and he wrote articles for it at night. The paper was banished in 1722, because it incurred the displeasure of colonial authorities. Franklin had a disagreement with James because of this matter and he therefore left his brother James's business. In 1723, at age 17 he went to New York. At age 18 he was stuck in England with no means of purpose. But a very resourceful man he obtained two jobs at once and in 1728at 22 years old he started his own print shop.

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