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Planning Management

             While reading an article called, Leadership/Management. I discovered how leadership and planning skills are important qualities for managers to possess in any organization. Hoppe (2001) said, "A company called Robery Half Internationals conducted a survey, they found that most managers know that leadership and planning skills are important, but very few of them couldn't claim that they had either skill." The article states that the owners and top executives of an organization need to employ management staff that possesses these qualities to increase their likelihood for success. Hoppe explained that when hiring a coach for a sports team they look at what system they grew in. Meaning, where did this individual begin and how did they start off. Did they grow threw the ranks by being an assistant or any other positions that would make a successful manager. The same approach should be used when selecting an effective leader for an organization. Every organization has a mission that they set out to accomplish and every organization needs effective leadership and effective planning to accomplish this mission. Hoppe also discusses that once an organization finds their leader; the leader needs to be held accountable. The person in charge of the organization is the one making decisions that will directly impact the organization and it is their job to put there best foot forward for the good of the organization. Hoppe closes by talking about planning, spending time with the ones you lead. This concept will assist with others within the organization to develop their own leadership styles that will later benefit the organization. The more leadership qualities are shared within the .
             organization productivity will increase and will ultimately benefit the entire organization. Managers cannot do it alone; they are only as good as the employees that surround them.

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