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Plastic Industry In Malaysia

            0) Introduction to the plastics industry in Malaysia.
             The plastic industry is one of the pioneers in Malaysia's industrial development. The plastic industry has grown rapidly over the years with the total investment of over RM400 million and also absorbs a direct workforce of about 25000. The current total turnover of the industry is valued at RM600 million. This industry is considered young with a history of only thirty years and with 400 plastic processing factories and among them about 190 injection molders, 150 film extruders and 60 for pvc extrusion, blow moulding and others. .
             The plastic industry in Malaysia has grown over the years with rapid expansion of the number of establishments it has. In 1984, the total manufacturing sectors contribution to gross domestic product (GDP) was estimated at RM11.703 billion or about 20.3%. The plastics industry contributed about 1% of the GDP.
             There are more than ten processes used in converting plastic resin into useful products and almost all the process are used in Malaysia except a few new processes like RRIM, SMC, etc. the main processes are injection moulding, film extrusion, pipe extrusion, blow moulding and compression moulding.
             The plastic industry n Malaysia produces products that is manufactured into other forms of products. Among the main products produce in the plastics industry would include:.
             Building and construction.
             Packaging .
             Toys and leisure items.
             House ware.
             Clothing and footwear.
             Mechanical engineering.
             Glues, adhesive, paints, lacquers.
             Other goods.
             The Malaysian plastic manufacturing industry is on the threshold of great changes for .
             future developments. Because of the rapid expansion, it has brought the general-purpose product line to a point of saturation where it had caused severed competition not only in terms of product quality or technical applications but also in terms of prices which pressured many manufacturers into selling products at the expense of quality.

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