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Comparative essy of bmw, microsoft and bd medical stock

             Moreover, the Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act has required BD Medical Systems to change methods of producing of safety catheters. The act requires health care employers "to document that they have evaluated and implemented safety-engineered sharp devices . . . in order to reduce employees' occupational exposure to HIV, hepatitis C and other blood born diseases."" (Jeffords, 2000) Each "next-generation- catheter is engineered to safeguard healthcare workers from accidental needle stick injuries, implementing a plastic shield that snaps over the needle after use. After speaking with Chuck Mix, Head of Production Engineering at the Sandy, Utah facility, (2003) I was informed BD Medical Systems has invested $1,500,000 to meet the requirements the new law mandates. The Sandy facility is home of six Autogard Full Automation (AFA) assembly lines produce more than 12 billion safety catheters annually.(reference).
             There are four ways BD supports the non-profit community through provision of financial resources. These are: Global Healthcare Fund, Local Initiatives Fund, Matching Gifts Program, Community Service Awards Program .
             BD Global Healthcare Fund.
             Through productive partnerships with non-profit organizations, the BD Healthcare Fund provides support to programs that address unmet health care needs and support our goal to help all people live healthy lives.
             As with all BD programs, this fund is designed to produce maximum impact with finite resources. For this reason, our focus is on strategic initiatives and activities in keeping with our areas of medical and technological concentration, as well as our commitment to preventative and public health care. Examples include:.
             Examples of our focus areas include: .
             • Health care delivery programs that emphasize effective prevention and disease management; .
             • Scientific or education initiatives that lead to affordable, technology-based healthcare solutions; .

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