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BMW Marketing Strategies

            BMW's are a car that I believe a good majority of consumers wouldn't mind owning or possessing. In fact, my mother has been discussing buying a BMW for years now, and as time has gone by it's changed to her retirement gift. Well, now she's retired and plans on owning this vehicle by December of this year. When I think of the BMW brand and automobiles, I always associate it with the thought of someone established in life, or that possess a lot of capital. As we all know and how it states in the book, BMW is a luxury brand car. That's where the appeal of someone with substantial income owning one originates. Aside from being a luxury car brand with sister brands such as Rolls Royce and MINI, the BMW is also known for performance, which is why it's called "The Ultimate Driving Machine." .
             The segments that BMW caters to vary based on what they are exactly looking for to fit their lifestyle or living habits. Initially, BMW only offered the same type of car, but it sold in 3 model types, the BMW 3, 5, and 7 series. This strategy was successful until the buying market changed and people were looking for more than just an automobile. With this change happening BMW expanded its offerings by rolling out the BMW X series which is essentially an SUV of sorts that can give people looking for "an active or family based lifestyle"(Kotler. Keller 2016). I find this to be true because it applies to my sister who has 3 children who all participate in extracurricular activities. She was contemplating on purchasing an X5 to have an SUV or sports utility vehicle as BMW refers to them as, which she wanted to accommodate her family as well as be apart of the BMW brand with my mother. These are different lifestyles and markets BMW appeals to which is why it's a successful strategy for them. They can focus on different groups with different needs because they have a product that appeals to anyone, while also giving the allure of other luxury vehicles.

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