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            Why do people trust some names such as, Sony and Coca-Cola? Do these products have more features over other products? (3:66). Brands are names which give products their power. That power can make a positive image in the mind of the consumer that's why branding is the first job that marketers consider. A brand is a mixture of feelings that goes into both directions from the brand to the consumer and the other way around. These feeling are which give brands their confidence and value (8:50).
             Brands come with different shapes and styles. A brand can be presented as a product (e.g., Coca-Cola), a service provider (e.g., KLM), a retail store (e.g., Safeway), an organization (e.g., UN), or a famous person (e.g., Ronaldo) (3:66). .
             A brand in general is a name and we can consider that every brand is a product, but not the other way around, which means that not every product is a brand (8:50). However, a brand is not only a name it represents the character, personality, and the company that produces products or provides a service (3:66). A brand is a set of things that are not physical and can be touched. Brands are things that distinguish a product from others (8:50) .
             Product through mail or by the Internet (7:52). What makes you be sure that they want take your money and ignore you.
             There are brands so powerful that they are known by there initials (the first letter of each word in the name), (e.g., CNN, BMW, and ITT) (7:50-51). Other brands are paid more than they originally worth just to be acquired (5:2-3). The power of brands can not be ignored because it is like engines that make cars move.
             The power of brands can also be recognized in places that is crowded with similar products. The strongest brand will be distinguished easily (2:24A). Finally, brands are a very strong tool in the hands of marketers if they use them well (7:50). Brands have the ability to make a positive image in the mind of the consumer.

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