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Holy The Firm

            Holy the firm is a short story about a woman who has learned to accept her faith. This is done through a conversion moment she feels when she picks up some sacramental wine. It can be seen that the narrator is strongly balanced with nature and goes back to her Christian faith to explain her strong balance with nature. The author, Annie Dillard uses excellent adjectives when describing nature. It can also be seen that the Narrator also struggles with monotheism as she believes that everyday has its own god, which is very human. .
             First, it is clear to the reader that the narrator is very in tune with the environment. She lives alone in a rural area in Washington State. Her companions are her cat, Small, and a spider that lives in her bathroom. The narrator goes to the mountains to escape from society and read her books, write, and just meditate with nature. The narrator can be seen as the author, Dillard herself. It is true that Dillard would often go on trips where she would leave the world behind and just live in and enjoy nature. She notes a moth landing on her candle and describes this moth with such realism the reader can only understand her connection with nature. The author describes the body of the burning moth as another wick in the candle, providing light for her as she reads and falls asleep. It can be understood that the cycle of life is evident here. Everything in nature, human beings included can help one another, in both life and death. In this instance, in the moth's death, it is helping to provide light for the woman on in the mountains. .
             Next, it can be seen that the narrator or Annie Dillard herself is very in tune with nature. The title of the short story, Holy the Firm, is explained in the short story as being that even the smallest part of nature is in touch with the Absolute, just as humans are in touch with the Divine. This theory can be understood as a co-creative philosophical interpretation of the Bible.

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