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Poland and the United States

            Before I convey my individual views regarding trade in Poland, I will give an overview on the outlook of trade between Poland and the United States.
             Poland has become the leader in Central Europe in attracting foreign investors. Opportunities for trade and investment continue to exist across Poland. Continuous economic growth and a high leven of political stability are two of the main reasons the United States and other foreign companies do business in Poland. Poland continues at striving to make steady progress in raising its living standards to those of the United States, liberalizing its trade, foreign exchange and investment policies to improve trade with other countries. The Polish Society remains committed to improving Poland's macroeconomic foundations to enhance their reputation.
             The five principal exports to Poland in 1999 are optical photographic, measuring and checking instruments, automatic data processing machines, electrical equipment for telephone lines, pharmaceutical products, and transmission equipment for radios.
             Some of the United States imports from Poland are glass and glassware, machinery, equipment for the road and earth works, meat products, and articles of copper and copper alloys. .
             Communications, banking, insurance, accounting and distribution systems are still developing in Poland; however, communications should be picking up this year due to the main provider going private and increasing competition. Internet usage is low compared to the United States and western Europe due to high charges in telephone service and the low quality of telephone lines but like communications, the internet is increasing rapidly.
             The United States and Poland have amicable relations since 1989. Polish Government has been a strong supporter of American military and has become a member of NATO (as of March, 1999). Poland has done a great job as a "protector" of American interests i.

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