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Political Science Our Flawed Government

            Our flawed government: The Electoral College.
             Among the many problems that our government possess the Electoral College bothers me the most. I disagree with many issues when it comes to the Electoral College. There exist three main problems in the Electoral College. One of which being the ability to elect a minority president. Having faithless electors adds to the main problems of the Electoral College. My biggest concern with the Electoral College stems from contingency elections. Among the many problems with the American government, the main problem must be the inefficient way in which the Electoral College misrepresents the masses. .
             The fact that citizens can elect a minority president bothers me greatly. This possibility basically means that our votes mean nothing, and defeats the whole purpose of voting. In turn we do not control who will run our government. This frustrates me because of the fact that this causes more contingency elections. When contingency elections occur this leaves the citizens of the United States powerless because politicians control the results of the contingency elections (#1). When we have a normal election there exists multiple steps from us to the president. The process goes people, electors, and president respectively. When a contingency election occurs there are only two steps, politicians then the president. This disturbs me because it means that there quite possibly could mean that the citizens of the United States would have no control over who is going to rule the free world.
             Faithless electors, electors that contradict the masses" votes, in the Electoral College add to my list of grievances against the Electoral College. No law or amendment that exists requires electors to be faithful. Electors therefore have the capability of reversing all of the votes in their district; in turn our votes would not count. This happened six times since 1956, the most recent occurrence being in 1988 when an elector voted for the minority president.

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