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Pollution And Emissions

             The issue of pollution is well known and often discussed. It is seen as a great problem by many, however the majority of these people neglect their responsibility to earth and refuse to help fight against pollution. This has led to health problems for many. Long-term exposure to air pollution can cause cancer and damage to the body. Sources of pollution are all around; they include cars, trains, boats, factories, burning fossil fuels, and many others (www.epa.gov). There are many things that people can do to reduce the levels of pollution. Some examples of these are: carpooling, disposing of wastes properly, and riding public transportation systems.
             Many communities across the nation have a serious air quality problem (www.earth911.org). This has not gone completely overlooked by the government who, under the Clean Air Act, established air quality standards to protect public health (www.epa.gov). Areas of special standards include asthmatics, children, and the elderly. The government agency that set up this act is called the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). They have also set up limits to protect against decreased visibility and damage to animals, crops, and buildings. The EPA is obviously well supported by most people, only factory owners and a few others contest it. .
             Encyclopedia.com defines pollution as a contamination or fouling of air, water, and land by wastes and human activities. Boats, cars, trucks, trains, and especially industry contribute to the sullying of nature. Population, energy use, and miles driven per year continue to increase. As these things grow, so does the amount of contamination in nature.
             In conclusion it is important that the people of the U.S. recognize that pollution is a problem. It is even more important that they realize that help from everyone is needed for success in the fight against pollution. Ways to fight pollution are carpooling, electric cars, natural gas, public transit, and proper waste disposal.

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