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Gender Acceptance Of Couples And Singles

            If I turn on my television, or open up a magazine, or see a billboard on the highway, it becomes apparent to me that the "American Dream- is still alive and well in our country. With consumers buying fifty thousand dollar Hummers, trendy clothing taking cities by storm, and contestants winning hundreds of thousands of dollars on "reality- T.V. shows it's more than apparent that our society is deeply in love with our "wants-. Everyone has them, but it seems as though in American today those wants are never ending. To have the perfect job, the perfect car (or more aptly these days truck/SUV), the perfect house is to have almost everything. I say almost with the deepest conviction as it is only almost that you have completed that "American Dream- that everyone longs for because you have yet to find the perfect mate. But do you really want that? Maybe you don't.
             It seems as though there is an increasing contradiction in American society that almost pleads with people to create this fazade of an American dream with both the perfect mate, spouse, or lover and the need to be your own individual. But can you have both? Is it possible to be with someone and yet still be your own person? Can you be committed to someone and still be yourself? Or can you truly be yourself if you're committed to someone? But what remains to be the spin, is that you don't really "fit in- either way. If you're single, you should be with someone. If your not, there must be something wrong with you. If you're with someone, you should still be an individual, as if you weren't with anyone. It's not being true to yourself otherwise. Our wants are never satisfied. And Americans are searching for both the need to be with someone, and to be their own individual. You can only have one or the other, but it looks like everyone wants both.
             To be with someone:.
             The Taboo.
             People feel a need to be with someone, to find a partner. This goes without saying, but why? What is the need to with someone? Yet everyone feels this pull; hetero as well as homosexuals.

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