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Problem Solving: Kids In The Street

            Streets are not a safe place for young children to be playing. They play ball in the middle of the street, ride bikes like they are cars, and do not look both ways before crossing the street. They act as though they are invincible, never to be hurt. This has become a major issue around my neighborhood. Child safety is an extremely important concept, and parents should always stress safety to their children.
             There are a lot of children on my street, and they play outside all year long. They play some in their yards, but they also sometimes migrate towards the street. A ball might be missed and then bounce into the street. They will run straight into the street for the ball without even looking both ways to see if there are cars around. They act as though nothing is ever going to hurt them. Luckily my street is a small cove. Neighbors have become very concerned with the danger of them being so negligent to safety while playing, and drive very carefully up and down the street. Neighbors have also talked to the parents of the children, but little has been done in order to improve the situation.
             Even though the neighbors are careful on the street, there is always the fact that plenty of others are often driving on the street, and they may not be as alert and aware of the children playing. The problem needs to be solved. The solution will be one that will ensure the kids understand to play safe, that the neighbors will get along on better terms and have more trust in both the kids and their parents, and that the solution is both practical and convenient to all.
             One solution would be for the parents of the kids to be outside at all times when playing. While the idea would seem logical, it might be a short term solution, but not a long term solution that solves the problem completely. The parents are sometimes outside "watching" their kids, but they really seem to be doing everything but that: reading, cleaning, talking, or yard work.

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