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Kids and Too Much TV

            Nowadays, television has become so important to us that we haven't noticed all the changes it has made in our lives. It can now be considered as part of our lifestyle. It is now so popular, that today we can watch all kind of programs without a problem, making us think that all of these programs are good for us; which is why we can no longer difference which one are really good and which ones are not. It is so common so see people watching television that we cannot see the danger in this activity, especially for the kids who are still growing and developing their skills. The problem with television is that while we watch it, we forget to socialize with other people; it can have an influence on us, by making un more aggressive or even have a change on our physical, because it can increase the chances of someone becoming obese; and definitely, it makes us procrastinate. Kids shouldn't watch television, because they can have a lack on social skills, become aggressive and have poor academic results in school. .
             Kids shouldn't be watching television, because this activity may increase their possibilities of becoming aggressive. Being constantly related to programs that shows kids disobeying their parents, punching classmates, saying bad words, could make our children think this is a normal behavior, and may start thinking that theses kids could be their role models, and start acting like them. There was a study made by psychologists L. Rowell Huesmann, Ph. D. and others, of the University of Michingan, here in this investigation they concluded that the group of people who watched a lot of TV as children, were more likely to have aggressive behavior with the people on their surrounding, such as wife and kids. A study made by George Gerbner, Ph. D., University of Pennsylvania, concluded that shows that are made for children contain in average about 20 violent scenes, which is a very high number.

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