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Do Kids Watch Too Much T.v.

            It is three o"clock in the afternoon and kids are just getting home from school. The first thing that Kenya does after school is changes clothes and turn on the television. Almost all the children of grade school age go home and do the exact same thing.
             Children watch television more times a day than adults do. The drama on television today has gotten out of hand. Every show on television has some type of drama or danger that kids today should not be too aware of.
             There is not a show on television or in the theaters, that does not show some form of brutality. There is women exploitation more now than before. .
             The younger female generations see that on television as well as the younger male generation and they take that as the way things are supposed to be (Lynette Lamb building community for our kids).
             Children take what they see on television and run with it. No matter what is said to them after, they do what they saw on television. Things have gotten bad in today's society. Television makes up over seven hours of involvement when children could be participating in other activities.
             The evening news airs during traditional dinnertime, when children with their family can absorb television images of violence without parents thinking twice. .
             According to American media critic Dale kunkels" report, in the Fall of 1994, Media Studies Journal, "forty-eight percent of all television news stories about children involved reports of crime and violence, (Sam Greespan media effects on children).
             Violence is not the only problem on television. Blatant sexual innuendoes are also a big problem on television. The more blatant we get the more things get out of control. .
             Take the Monica Lewinsky case, it brought words like "semen" and "penis" into the dining experience, as well as the issues of infidelity and debauchery. Sitcoms and network dramas are further examples of television's increasing evocativeness.

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