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Children and Too Much T.V.

            Parents these days give children too much freedom of choice where television is.
             concerned because as television morals drop, so do the morals of the children. Making.
             independent decisions is a wonderful part of life, but there is a certain time and maturity.
             level that people must reach before actually knowing what the best choices are. What is.
             meant by freedom of choice is the allowance of children to have complete control over.
             what it is that they watch. Also, the amount of time that they are permitted to spend in.
             front of the television set can be just as crucial.
             Television is more harmful than good. I think children should have role models on.
             television that is if the producers make up some characters that can be role models for.
             them. The role model should be a character that teaches and encourages children to grow.
             up and be strong. There really aren't many shows like that these days, there all about sex,.
             drugs, and violence. What kind of role models can you get out of that? Good question.
             I think it's not so much the amount of time children spend in front of the televison,.
             it's the types of shows they end up watching. Such as Jachass that show on MTV. That.
             show consists of guys who sit and literally beat the *censored* out of themselves and each other. .
             What is that going to show kids? That it is alright for them to beat some kid up at school.
             for no reason, or ride their bike of a cliff and see if they can land the bike safely? More.
             than likely that won't happen, but for a slim few it just might. Just like CNN always.
             showing the tragic event that happened on September 11, 2001. Children should not keep.
             watching the plane crash into the towers and also people jumping out of the towers. They.
             really should not be watching that because that just might totally screw up everything in.
             their mind. Expaining something to a child is hard enough, but to expain something so.
             tragic that you don" t even really know about is a little harder.

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