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Corruption In America

            Can you imagine the actual number of people who watch T.? People spend more time before the television, than any other thing. Nowadays, even children, to be more specific, toddlers spend most of their time watching T.V. Shouldn't they be playing with their toys inside or outside, playing in the yard, going to the park for a walk or to play on the swings and slides? Don't you remember when you were young when your parents took you to the park? All kids went to the park, but nowadays, the park has been substituted with the television and video games (for youth). Maybe this is also a reason why many of our children are obese. Because the television producers have created television show for preschoolers, school-age children, teenagers, and adults, many choose to spend their time viewing these shows because they feel a sense of belonging when watching the shows. For preschoolers, shows such as Sesame Street, Barney, and Teletubbies have been created. Many of these shows are very educational, but it has been proven that most children learn quicker with hands-on-training. Children are more likely to learn also by speaking. Children can't speak to the television; therefore, their parents must be his/her instructors, but this requires time from the parents. Many parents don't have time to spend talking to their children, they are either at work, or they think they have something more important than their children, but what can be more important than your child's education and development. Parents must take time from their long day to spend time with their children, take them to the park or just go out into the backyard and play ball. Educational shows, such as The Magic School Bus, have been produced for school-age children. This is a very informational show and it allows for kids to explore. Noton's World is a very good example of this also, because he performs experiments and talks about science and math during his show.

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