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Television: Too Much?

            A better way to pose my topic, is should parents limit their children's TV watching? If you ask me, I say no. True, I am a kid, and also true I do like to watch TV, however I think it would be better to have the second side to the argument other than just parents. My reasoning is as follows: it's our preference, we don't want to grow up to be like our parents, and it's more entertaining than listening in on a conversation of adults, where we are neither seen nor heard.
             First, as I said, it's our own choice weather we want to go get exercise and become a famous athlete, or watch TV and become a famous entertainer. Parents forcing their children to do activity will make them hate it more. For many of us, TV, computers, and video games are our only outlet from the real world, and contrary to the parental belief, we don't mimic video game, AKA if we play DOOM we wont go out and shoot someone in the face with a shotgun, just because the main character did.
             Second, parents often will do one of the following two things: Try to live through their children and have them do the things that the parents never did, or they try to force their children to be just like them. No kid wants this, they get to control their life as they want it, if they CHOOSE to be like their mom or dad, then that's fine, but more often than not, I see parents making their kids be a "chip off the old block," per say.
             Finally, if parents limit TV time, then the children will have nothing to do, and will probably end up sitting in a chair on the couch while their parents are in a conversation with other adults, and if the child speaks, he gets reprimanded. I have experienced this myself, especially down in the South, and the feeling is horrible.
             As I hope you see, there are many arguments to combat the superstitions about TV and video games, and to oppose the arguments about TV being bad. I hope my opinion has changed your view on this matter in some way, and even if not, I hope you were able to see the conflict from my front of the battle.

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