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Too Much TV

            Television, as known as TV, is a source of entertainment for most people. This invention features a wide selection of channels to enjoy. Almost every family in the world has television monitors in their household. Families love watching TV, but an extensive usage of television can give a significant negative impact to their lifestyle.
             Technology is evolving in the world, and so are TVs. Unlike television when it was first introduced in homes, with only a couple of channels. This product has increased to hundreds of stations world wide. As much as the technology for TVs is growing, the investment for a family to purchase a TV is also increasing. The preference of television enjoy ability is not just the TV alone, but all the accessories that comes with it. This includes VCRs, DVD players, stereo speakers, karaoke machines, and video game systems for the whole family. That might seem a lot, but it is not the end. If the family wants to access to different channels, a fee is charged for another expense. When any part fails to operate, a technician is hired for another payment. When a television screens is turned on all day, a great amount of electricity is used to operate the television. As proven, owning a television is equal to owning another family member, which involves in a portion of monthly savings. .
             The average family spends too much time watching TV. Television is an addictive piece of equipment. The selection that one has is endless, which means more time is accounted on a TV. Students waste their time staring at a talking box, resulting in incompletion of homework. Some spend their night gazing off which leads to the least amount of sleep. Great inspirations are neglected, when most of a person's time is wasted on television. Here is an example of an average family and their TV. Early in the morning, the father turns on the TV to see the morning traffic, and then the mother takes over, catching up with her daily "Martha Stewart" and "Oprah Winfrey" shows.

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