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TV in our lives

            Since the invention of the TV at the beginning of 20th century it has become one of the main sources of getting information and amusement from all over the world. It is something more than just a big box made from many details. Owning to the development of technology TV has come into our society. If earlier it was something new and unfamiliar then nowadays it is a normal and usual thing which almost everybody has.
             Unfortunately very often people do not imagine that it can also have a powerful influence in developing value systems and shaping behaviour. Violence is the biggest defect of the TV. Most of all people as the worst problems point out that young people can accept violence as a way to solve problems or also even try to imitate it. I can agree that it can really cause greater aggressiveness but on the other hand while this is an educational endeavour, it should be noted that violence is a historical part of any culture. TV just vividly illustrates situations which are possibly unfamiliar for many people and not so easy to imagine. We cannot prohibit showing it just because it is too cruel. People are one of the reasons why the war began and TV is just as an element which shows us a real situation which existed a long time ago. Realising possible tragical consequences we can avert the repetition of same mistakes. I can agree that the impact of TV violence may be evident in the young person's behaviour or surface years later. Also in referring to the article of the Centre for Adolescent Health Fact Sheets I must stress out that of course violence on TV is a significant contributor but is not the only source for aggressive behaviour. As the second defect very often people mention that TV spoils the health. As concerns me I think that it is not the first and not the last thing which does something wrong to our health. Even because of using too much sugar or coffee we can become ill.

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