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Prison Complex

            The Prison Industrial Complex .
             Why are there too many prisoners? There is a simple answer to this question, there are too many criminals committing to many crimes. This causes over population in prisons all across the country. Which is dangerous for the inmates as well as the corrections officers. This is not a modern problem it has been going for centuries, same problem different day as they would say. Sometimes they would ignore the problem but now a days they build new prisons yearly to try and keep the over population to a minimum . Which if you ask me is a good idea, the little extra taxes wouldn't bother me . I look at it this way pay a little more, be safer, and create jobs within these facilities is fine by me.
             No other country in the world has imprisoned so many of its citizens, this worries me , does the fact that we have so much more freedom cause this problem or do people just lack the respect for life or something else all together . Here is my theory crimes are a disease and just like a physical disease it spreads not through the body but through the society which we live . it is incurable but can be slowed down like Aids but we will never win we will never totally get over this great disease no cure is for seeable in the near future who knows maybe it will never happen .This is not necessarily a bad thing because with out evil there can be no good the yin and the yang .

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