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Prison Security

            There is an overwhelming amount of crime that happens everyday in our country. We witness it almost constantly on television and in the newspaper, and sometimes may actually experience it personally. What a lot of people don't know is what happens to criminals after an arrest since there's no real public follow up on each offender. Like we learned in class, each person goes through the system just like is shown in the criminal justice funnel model. There are many offenders who are weeded out and get community service or spend a small amount of time in jail, however there are typically 14% that get sentenced to incarceration of more than a year [1]. These are the people who end up in state and federal prisons not only as a place to help themselves but also to keep the community a safe environment. There are different types of prison establishments for criminals that are classified by the severity of their crime and also their own behavior. The four major types of prisons to consider include minimum security, medium security, maximum security, and supermaximum security. Each one is referred to as an extent of security for a reason. Security is their number one duty. Each prison is monitored by a staff of certified officers and kept under control through the assistance of different types of security. There are a wide variety of technologies that are in use and many under development. .
             Prisons, not to be confused with jails, are defined as state institutions where prisoners are locked up after they"re convicted of a sentence greater than a year. As previously stated, there are four classifications for prisons. Their goal no matter what type they are is to prevent inmate escapes, protect staff members as well as the prisoners, along with preventing the smuggling of contraband into the facility. Minimum security prisons, contradicting the vision of prisons in which Hollywood has injected in our minds, are more like a rehabilitation facility.

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