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             Before I start, I would like for everyone that is not Black to leave the room right now. Since no one is moving, I suppose you believe that this label applies to you. After applying to Valley View University, in Accra, Ghana, and having my application rejected twice because of stating my ethnicity incorrectly, I found that the United States" employs labeling more than any other country in the world. Labeling is the attempt to place a title on a certain ethnic group. It is allowed by answering questions of ethnicity on any standard form or application. Labeling has cause an identity crisis for the so-called "Black people" of America and has opened doors for different types of discrimination. First, let us examine our identities.
             Let us suppose that the United States was given back to the Natives and everyone was told to go to their most dominant nationality. This is what would happen: the Italian people would return to Italy where they have Italian names and speak the Italian language. The German people would return to Germany where they have German names and speak the German language. The Chinese people would return to China, where they have Chinese names and speak the Chinese language. This theory would apply to almost all of the nations of the Earth except for the so-called "Black people" of America. We have no Negroeland or Blackland to return to. Unfortunately, we do not speak the Blackese or the Negroese language. Our ethnic group has gone from being Negroes to Coloreds, to Blacks and now the "politically correct term" African Americans. So much inconsistent labeling has caused us to have a serious identity crisis. When I asked all of the Black people to get up leave, every one of you should have got up walked out of the door.
             So if you are not to be labeled Black or African American, what are you to be recognized as? You should be recognized as an American. My final point, being acknowledged by where you are from rather than dividing ethnic groups, could take away some discrimination.

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