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Palm Pilots

            Technology has become a very integral part of our society. Each year technology is becoming more and more involved in our society. One of the greatest advancements that have come about is the internet. It allows tons of information to be available to us in an instant. The problem with this great advancement was that the computers were stationary. One of the solutions to this problem was the invention of the laptop. This was a great convenience for people, but another problem persisted. A laptop was very big and even the most lightweight models were heavy and took up space. This brought along the birth of the palm pilot. A palm pilot is a hand held computer. It gives you the same features of a mobile phone with the addition of an internet connection. You can make a call, play games, record important dates, keep a schedule, and have unlimited internet service. At last the problem was solved. There was now a lightweight, mobile PC. There's no wonder why people around the country and world wanted one. This new mobile PC is definitely a hot commodity and everyone wants one. The engineers knew this and thus marketed it in such a way that everyone would have a reason to buy it. .
             The Buyer's Behavior Model consists of five steps: 1) Need Recognition 2) Information Search 3) Evaluation of Alternatives 4) Purchase Decision 5) Post Purchase Behavior. There was definitely a need for such a device so the marketers used this to their advantage. While reviewing our studies we found that there was a majority who chose to purchase it for work related reasons. Almost every job out here today requires that you use the internet in some way, whether for research on a project or to choose a location for the company picnic. Even though we know that we need something there is always that money problem that comes into the picture. We all know that we need a place to live but we won't go out and buy a $100,000 house when we know we are on a limited budget and a 3 bedroom apartment will do.

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