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            Lady Macbeth During the early days, many women did not have power or input on situations. They were thought to be non-intelligent, and the men mostly ruled over women and had all the power. Although in the play "Macbeth" by William Shakespeare, it was a different story for Lady Macbeth. She (who was married to Macbeth) had much control and power over her husband, because she was good at manipulating him to get what she wanted. This was a deadly situation, because she was mentally unstable. .
             First, in the beginning of the play Lady Macbeth heard that Macbeth must kill the king in order to take his place. After she heard of this news she instantly thought about becoming queen and all the power that comes with it (1.5.20-27). She was so greedy for the power that she would to any length to get it. Lady Macbeth went to her husband and manipulated him into getting rid of the king, like the oracles told her. Lady Macbeth knew she was good at getting her way with her words (1.4.23). Macbeth doubted her words at first, but Lady Macbeth kept insisting that he go go with her evil plans. She was aware that he was too nice, and he would feel guilty about his deed.(1.4.40-45). So she kept hounding him, and he eventually gave in. Her dream of becoming queen was now going to become reality.
             Second, Lady Macbeth is not right in the mind. First, she insulted her husband by telling him he was no man.(1.5.49). Macbeth's reactions were weak and he caved into her plans because he felt his manhood was threatened by her comments. Lady Macbeth also thought that if she could unsex herself and take the role of a man, she would do it within a heartbeat. She thinks she could do the role of a man better than her husband could (1.5.36-40). Then she tells Macbeth that she would rather bash the brains of her first born child than break a promise that could dramatically change the future (1.7.35-39). Again, this is one of lady Macbeth's insane manipulative tactics that she uses to get power and control of her husband.

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