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Reaction To Hello Again

             Hello Again is a play that shows how lust can take over two different people in the heat of passion, striving only for pleasure, and how quickly this feeling can fade away. In this story couples demonstrate how spontaneous sex supplies sort term pleasure as well as long term stress. Every scene shows lonely individuals finding happiness during intimacy, but finding themselves even more alone afterwards. An example of this would be the woman and the congressman from the Eighties, who "hook up" on the balcony, and separate immediately after. This woman cried out for attention only to be heard by a man that she was infatuated with, and ended up with nothing more than a memory and a feeling of starvation for companionship. Every scene has a protagonist that is using another person for pleasure (sex), and in their eyes this person would make them whole, but realizes that it could never work because of the circumstances.
             Each character has a similar reason for choosing the particular partner he or she decides to seduce. The Whore is so distraught trying to find a man who will look at her beauty on the inside, that she has decided to give sex away for free, praying that one day she can live a so called normal life with a family and a home. To have a Soldier as the Whores ideal companion implies that she is looking for structure, discipline, and obedience in the life she wishes to live. .
             Although it doesn't appear so at first, because he did have sex with the Whore, the Soldier is looking for a girl to love and think of while at war. This woman he dreams of will get him though tough times and help him endure the solitude he is about to be faced with. He chooses a young and beautiful nurse who can relate to the suffering that may come across him if injured in war. Also appearance means a great deal to him because he will only be able to imagine how she looks and feels. This gorgeous nurse hesitates at first, but seems to have a soft spot for those who are in need.

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