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Popular Culture

             Since the beginning of popular culture, people are following the trends. Popular culture comes to us in many ways. Some of the branches are music, and the film industry. Since the beginning of popular culture, the music and the film industries are changing in incredible speed. Throughout the decades, pop culture has become an important part of our lives. The more we try to hide from it, the more close it comes. .
             Back in the old days, 1950-1970, popular culture started to influence people all around the world. People of all ages and cultures started to follow the trend. Television and music were the major attractions in the old popular culture. Elvis, Jonnie Cash, The Beetles, and the Rolling Stone. These were the main influential groups of people from the fifties to the seventies. Elton John came with his light rock music that captivated the world. In the late seventies, Michael Jackson and his moon walk. In the early eighties, the murder of John Lennon came as a shock to the music world, the disco era ended. The year 1990 started big with rap and techno music. The language used in the rap started to become offensive. Advisory stickers because common sight on rap records. Most rappers began singing about political, police brutality, drugs, sex, gangs, and aides. Now in the new millennium, the language used is at its worst. The foul language is used to insult people of different religions, ethnic backgrounds, and culture. An example of that is, Slim Shaddy (Eminem). The way he put on a beard, trying to imitate Osama Bin Laden in his song "without me".
             Our North American film industry has evolved a lot since the fifties. Some of the old classic films that we still parish today are Dracula, A Space odyssey, Dr. Zhivago and To Kill a Mocking Bird. Most of these films had morals for the audiences. The stories were great but the special effects were not so exciting. .
             With all the new technologies in the film industries making a movie is a completely new ball game.

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