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Our Sunshine

            How Does Robert Drewe Show Both Sides of Ned Kelly?.
             Like all famous historic people and icons there is almost always two sides to the story. None more so than the exciting adventure of Edward Kelly. The story of the Kelly Gang is without doubt known to all of us. Robert Drewe wrote "Our Sunshine" to convey his feelings about Ned Kelly. He shows us that there are two sides to Ned's personality. This is demonstrated in his letter to Jerliderie.
             In the letter to Jerliderie we see the two sides of Kelly amplified by talk of "scattered blood and brains like police. I would manure the Eleven miles with their carcasses" yet we see the other side of Ned by him saying "remember there is not one drop of murderous blood in me." .
             One of the sides of Kelly and his brothers are mainly presented to us by the media. The Media hated Kelly describing him as a "murderer, peat maggot, Vermin, a mad dog, Satan's right hand and so on. When the three police were killed it was described as a "massacre." This view was taken by the police and upper class that felt threatened by Ned. This view is fair enough because Ned and his brothers were criminals. Some of the things that the Kelly's did were unbelievably wrong and immoral. They killed the police, robbed from the rich and stole numerous things.
             The other side of Kelly was taken by the poorer people of Australia. Many of the lower class and under privileged people wanted to see the underdog prevail and that was the main focus of Drewe's story. .
             Even now in the 21st century Kelly, who we should really see has the villain seems to be a hero to us and no matter how bad a new story is released about Ned Kelly we still love him. This is because everything Ned does has some sort of justification to it. Robert Drewe portrays Ned to us not as a villain by as a down to earth man who was extremely energetic and imaginative. Whilst the Kelly gang were either robbing the bank or holding the Glenrowan inn and people inside hostage they were very kind and compassionate and even witty to the people.

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