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The Role and Significance of Lear and Nora: Family conflicts

            William Shakespeare's King Lear and Henrik Ibsen's A Doll's House describe the effect of a family conflict on a hero and a heroine, and how each one of them deals with these problems. Both King Lear and Nora's personalities change as a result of their family conflict. They love their families and make sacrifices with passion. King Lear and Nora were nave in their thinking at the beginning of the play, and then they realize the reality of life and see "self-. Finally, it is clear for all that the family conflicts do change the cognition and life for both a hero and a heroine. By analyzing the similarities between both works, we understand that family conflict faces each hero(ine)'s life and changes them to realize their "selves-. .
             It is clear that these similarities between the writers' opinions toward family problems and conflicts are the trigger, which may change or alter not only the thinking of the hero(ine) but also the behavior of the family members. In addition, they acquire more experiences and flexibilities when they face these troubles in the future.
             In the case of King Lear's play, the family problems have a great significance for altering the play's theme or hero's opinion towards his three daughters. King Lear asks his daughter how much they love him and then he feels, from the youngest daughter's answer, that she does not love him like the other two daughters. Consequently, he repels this daughter and divides his kingdom among the other two daughters without giving anything to the young daughter. By the time he realizes that Goneril and Regan are lying in order to get the kingdom and they do not love him as he imagines. He discovers that Cordelia loves him more than the other daughters. Therefore, when she dies in the last scene, he feels sorrow and great sadness until he dies. So, when he makes sacrifices to help his eldest daughters and divides his kingdom to them he discovers that they do not deserve this favor and it is better to him to think about him"self-.

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