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            The world has seen many tyrants in its time. People so evil that everyone used to shiver at the sound of his or her name. People that have changed the course of history that have killed millions of people and that have started wars between countries. People like Napoleon Bonaparte, Adolph Hitler or even Gengas Khan. Some have been thought to be geniuses to have so much power over their people. How can someone convince people to kill and destroy other people? They are thought of as tyrants, but are they really? In years, we have seen the ups and downs of a lot of people except for one, so far. Saddam Hussein, the president of Iraq. When you here his name you can't help thinking about terrorism and death and nuclear weapons. His name is a household name nowadays known by everyone, young and old. He has been made out to be just like all the other tyrants of this world that have come to be and have faded away by time. Saddam Hussein forced his way to the presidency and has been president since 1979. Through the years he has shown the world that he is a brutal leader and will do anything to stay in power even if it means risking the lives of his own people. But is this image of him true? Is Saddam Hussein really a tyrant?.
             Saddam Hussein was born on April 28, 1937, in the small village of Takrit. As a young boy, Saddam worked with his stepfather, Ibrahim Hassan, who was a sheepherder. In 1947,at the age of ten he moved in with his mother's brother, Khayrallah Tulfah, in Baghdad were he finished his intermediate school at the age of sixteen. His uncle, Saddam's tutor, was the person who taught him to have bitterness towards the English and Americans. After he finished junior high, he applied to the prestigious Baghdad Military Academy but since he had poor grades, he wasn't accepted which led him to go deeper and deeper into politics. In 1956, he participated in a non-successful coup attempt against King Faisal II.

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