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Saddam Must Die

            In Monty Python and the Holy Grail, King Arthur finds his path blocked by the Black Knight, a belligerent fellow who happens to be no good at fighting. The Knight loses an arm , then another, then both legs to Arthur's superior swordsmanship. He is left in pieces on the ground, screaming to the departing King, "You yellow bastard, come back here and take what's coming to you!" That was the image of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, bloodied but unbowed and unenlightened after his humiliation in the 1991 Gulf War, when a U.N. mission led by the U.S. drove his troops out of Kuwait and kindled a holocaust of as many as a 100,000 Iraqis. It is Saddam Hussein's will to fight and his resistance to UN inspections that he should be removed from power.
             One of the reasons he needs to be removed from power is because actions in the gulf war.
             Aug. 2 1990 Saddam Hussien invaded Kuwait.
             with 100,000 Iraqi troops & 300 tanks crushed 16,000Kuwait troops.
             Jan 17, 1991 2AM 26 hours after UN deadline - Operation Desert Storm.
             During this war he used propaganda to control his people much like Hitler.
             Quoted 2 hours after the war began.
             "O great Iraqi people, sons of our great people, valiant men of our courageous armed forces Satan's follower Bush committed his treacherous crime, he and the criminal Zionism. The great duel, the mother of all battles, between victorious right and the evil that will certainly be defeated has begun, God willing.".
             He also stated to his people after first day of offensive.
             they gunned down 60 aircraft.
             allied forces only reported 8.
             He also used some dirty tactics in the war.
             dumped 200,000 barrels a day into the Persian Gulf.
             creating the worst ever oil related ecological disaster.
             the spill spanned 240 sq. mi.
             Saddam forced POW's to criticize the war against peaceful Iraq.
             The war ended on Feb 28, at 5am but the battle with Saddam was far from over. We may have liberated Kuwait but we didn't solve the problem of Iraq's dictatorship.

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