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M.A.I.N. Causes of War in Iraq

             Militarism: a philosophy that bases one's organization purely on the strict ideas of strong military, control over aggression, and mass production of weaponry and any other military supplies. This is similar to the conflict in Iraq, in the sense that George Bush felt that the only way to solve the problem in Iraq with Saddam Hussein was through weapons, and antagonism. He sought to go into Iraq and rid Saddam Hussain along with his rules and regulation, and his way of life. He could have thought of other ways to handle the situation, try different ways to create peace, instead of jumping right into war and using this as an opportunity to gain power. However, Bush felt that a tough military and artillery could help him gain control, and solve the situation in Iraq. .
             Alliances: Uniting with other countries to make agreements on certain issues, to either prevent or support war. This is similar to the conflict in Iraq, because the United States accused Saddam Hussein of being an ally of the Al"Queida. The Al"Queida is a well known, and feared terrorist group. Creating an alliance with them would not be good for Saddam Hussein, because the Al"Queida have many enemies and are extremely dangerous. This accusation gives Saddam Hussein a bad reputation, even worse than the one he currently holds. Unfortunately, it is very possible that together, they could be developing a plan to attack once more. Thus, the war in Iraq is considered a solution to break any potential agreements made between the two allies.
             Imperialism: a philosophy stating that, to create or reform a country into a powerful country, it must take over all means of political, economical and military status of another country through aggression. This is similar to the conflict in Iraq because nowadays, countries figure that, instead of just owning a country, they might as well buy it. When the whole country is bought, the "buyer" can change the rules, laws, and go into the country to make all sorts of changes.

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