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Causes for Iraqi War

             There are many causes for the current war in which our nation is fighting the Iraqis. Not only has the country of Iraq been aiding terrorists since September 11th, even though our country has been seeking out terrorists, they are creating and hiding weapons of mass destruction as well as being led by a dictator that has no regard for human life.
             First, Iraq has been giving support to terrorists even though our country has been trying to end all terrorism. Shortly after September 11th, we were given word that the Iraqi government was supporting terrorists including Osama Bin Laden, an enemy of our nation and most others. That in itself makes them a terrorist, an adversary of our nation.
             Also, we have proof that the Iraqis are creating weapons of mass destruction, a direct violation of many peace treaties. With the weapons, they could easily annihilate large quantities of human life; possibly destroy all life that exists. When any country has the ability to pull off a task life that, one must ask themselves what can be done to prevent this; and the answer is war.
             Finally, perhaps the main reason we are at war is the dictator of Iraq, the widely feared Saddam Hussein. We have known how irrational he has been in the past and we are now taking affirmative action towards ending his reign. He has used his own civilians as lab rats to test his chemical agents as well as using school children, kids younger than me, as human shields for his army units. When one is being portrayed as the Anti-Christ, there must be tons of evil associated to him.
             In conclusion, I believe that these are the three causes for our decision to go to war with Iraq. If you knew that you or your loved ones might die at the hand of one country, wouldn't you to go to war with that nation.

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