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Salsa Music

             Have you ever wondered what "Salsa" is? The slight knowledge that some of you may have of it could have come from American movies and background music at some of our favorite Latin restaurants. The many instruments used are collaborated and fused together to make up some of the best rhythms in Latin music all together. Learning what each instrument is and how it sounds will aid anyone who wants to follow along to the tune of the music. In accordance with the tunes, the styles of salsa are also something that has to be comprehended and learned. Surprisingly, the whole beat and speed of salsa music has changed dramatically from yesterdays afro-Cuban to today's Romantic style. Latin music its self, has always been an essential part of my families life. We never had to wait for a birthday party celebration or a holiday to enjoy music. It could be heard blaring on every Saturday morning as we all did our chores, or even on weekdays while we ate dinner. Because the styles of Salsa have evolved greatly since the time it originated to today, its popularity has gained tremendous recognition in many different cultures and countries around the world. Hopefully the new wave can open up many new traditions to families across the world as it did mine.

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