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            Two painters that both worked under Spanish rule, Diego Velazquez and Peter Paul Rubens were considered two of the greatest painters in Europe. Diego Velazquez, being a more visual, rather then spiritual preferred, to paint portraits as well as genre scenes. His style one may consider calm, and easy on the eyes. Peter Paul Rubens on the other hand, painted highly sacred pieces capturing dynamic poses full of drama. Perhaps their preferences of subject matter were affected by where they mainly worked. Peter Paul Rubens came from Flanders. Found in the southern Netherlands, it was a highly Catholic area. So of course, his work was often depicted sacred subjects. Velazquez on the other hand was the court painter for King Philip IV of Spain. This being the case, he had I"d imagine, more commissions to do personal portraits. As I said earlier, the over all mood of their paintings were complete and total opposites as well. Diego Velazquez" paintings are soothing on the eyes, leading it slowly around, observing each skillful stroke, every realistically proportioned character. He worked hard to match texture's apperence. "Las Meninas" itself is a massive painting that is a combination of genre scene, group portrait, and self portrait. Peter Paul Rubens" painting, "Allegory of the Outbreak of War" on the other hand, portrayed muscular figures that were influenced by Michelangelo. He dynamic composition, bold color, and brilliant light kept ones eye constantly on the move. It is highly debated whether or not "Las Meninas" is Velazquez" personal manifesto. He seemed to have portrayed himself possibly on equal ground with the royal family to indirectly hint that he deserved more. "Allegory of the Outbreak of War" was quite a different type of Manifesto. It was a manifesto of Peter Paul Rubens" personal feelings on war rather then portraying himself. These two men are both great painters, one for painting perhaps one if not the best painting in western art and the other know for setting the standards for European art, have some similarities but also differ greatly in terms of mood, use of colors, and dynamics.

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