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The War On Drugs: A Cure Worst Than The Disease

            I originally wanted to write a paper about how raves and drugs shouldn't go hand in hand, but then I decided to writing about how drugs and the United States are. Many have their own opinion about how drugs should be dealt with, but many times more money is spent on incarcerating drug offenders than on some education plan. I felt that since I am still in school that I had the right to write a paper on drugs. Drugs have, and always will affect everyone in the world in some way or another. Whether you have a friend who has been in trouble with the law or a relative who was caught in the middle of a bad drug incident, everyone has been confronted with drugs in some way.
             I was originally worried that because I was writing a paper about drugs, that I would be associated with a drug group, but just because I have opinion about drugs, and think other should hear my opinion, it doesn't mean that I myself do drugs. In fact, I think drugs are very harmful and should be avoided. I do, though, still believe in personal rights, and I feel people have the decision to harm their own body if they see it fit. I hope that readers of this paper will open their eyes and become more aware of how the United States government is dealing with the "drug issue." Hopefully this paper will enrich others and inspire them to become active in helping to evolve the government into one that suits the needs of everyone in the United States. .
             The war on drugs was fist declared by Richard M. Nixon during the 1968 presidential campaign. From the start, the war on drugs has done little, but was manipulated by politicians to gain votes. Billion of tax dollars are wasted each year in regulating tougher drugs laws, in anti drugs ads, and in prevention programs that have no effect. For the last decade the drug usage among adolescents has been on a steady rise. The war on drugs has failed and is ineffective to produce any lasting results.

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