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Scrooge: Before And After

            Ebenezer Scrooge was a very old idle man. Scrooge had no family remaining and was often alone. It seemed as if he just hated people all together. Although he was like this Scrooge was able to change in many ways. He did this with the help of three ghosts, Past, Present, and Future.
             One way Ebenezer drastically changed was that he went from being a greedy, angry hag to a very unselfish guy. One time a man from a charity came to his door, he told the man to shoo, that he would not give any money to him or anyone else and to leave him alone. Now that Scrooge has transformed he is willing to share his wealth with any charity worker that comes to his door. Also, his coworker Bob Crachit had been asking for a raise. Scrooge refused to give him an increase in his salary even though he was a faithful and good employee. Since Scrooge has changed, his heart softened and he gave Crachit a raise. .
             A big part of the new Scrooge was noticed when he became much nicer to everyone. Scrooge had been offered to have dinner at his nephew's house many times over the years. He had refused in very rude and vulgar ways. Soon after his heart changed he excepted and realized that he had fun. Also he was not fond of carolers to the extent that he would chase after them with a shotgun. He scared one little boy so badly that the young child started crying. Now he enjoys the wonderful sound young boy and girl carolers and lets them sing outside his home. .
             The last way and perhaps the most important one is how he grew to love Christmas. At first Scrooge would not celebrate or even recognize the holiday. He basically ignored the fact that this holiday even existed. Since his change of heart that warmed his personality he has celebrated Christmas and enjoyed all the special things at that time of the year, the tree, lights, and presents. He has even accepted offers to have a Christmas dinner at the home of his nephew.

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