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Something About Mary

             What does extraordinary mean? In the dictionary, extraordinary means beyond what is normal or ordinary. A young lady named Mary who I met in a Japanese class at Sierra College is the most extraordinary person I have ever met.
             Mary moved to the in United States four years ago. She had to face the same problems and adjustments all immigrants must go through when they come here. Study the language; try to find a job; make a living and learn to drive. She could handle a bicycle very well, but had never driven a car. The fourth month after she moved here Mary started her career in United States. She found a job as a key data operator in a clinical lab. She told me that she was tickled to death. I didn"t understand what made her so happy. You can always find a job if you want to work. She said that's true for the local people, but it's not true for immigrants with limited language skills. It's not about money. It's not about job. It's about the survival of fittest. She was so anxious to prove that she could survive in this crazy new environment. Next, Mary started to learn hot to drive. It took her three times to pass the written test and five times to pass the driving test. Nevertheless, she got her driver license after all. .
             She said that one way or the other she needed to learn the language to function in this country. A year later, she enrolled in Sierra College and in addition found another, better, job. She now works full time for a well-known wireless cell phone company in addition to being a full time student. She loves her job and very few people feel that way. Mary said her boss likes her so much that he keeps telling people he wants to clone her. Last semester Mary and I took a calculus and a computer class together. There was a calculus homework assignment that took me and other students in the class a couple of hours and we still couldn"t figure it out. We finally gave up and brought the homework back to the class for the teacher to show us how to do it.

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